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This case is better than cases twice its price. It fits like a dream, drop protection also seems solid. The looks are very sleek and classy.


This little case is amazing. Huge fan of the look of the case and it feels very premium. The texture is gritty enough to provide solid grip and the case has already proven to be very effective at drops. I drive an SUV and dropped my phone off the dashboard. It then proceeded to continue tumbling (seemingly in slow motion) all the way on to the concrete pavement. Phone was fine (I use a screen protector) and THE CASE WASNT SCRATCHED at all. Awesome.


I previously had the sheath for the 7 plus and this version is pretty much what that case should have been. It now has a much grittier and grippier feel to it that I no longer feel like it will slip out of my hand. Haven’t drop tested it tho so I cannot verify if it will protect your iPhone X in the event of a drop considering how slim the case is.


The Sheath cases have quickly become my go to cases. I ordered last week so I’d have it in time for my iPhone X today and I’m glad I did. It beats anything offered in the Apple store and I tested them all today. Really great buy.


Wow, I love this case! It’s deceptively protective even though it’s so thin. Looks simple but classy. Very glad I found this!