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Incipio NGP Flexible Shock Absorbent Case For Samsung Galaxy Note 9 - Clear

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  • Grab from authorised retailer: Forexengineer Store is authorise retailer to bring and distribute Incipio's products to end users in Malaysia. Hence, you are in good hand for whole Incipio's Brand.
  • Latest update: With fast changing in devices release in ONE year, too much sku have to bring in for Incipio to make sure Incipio's fans in Malaysia can keep up with the latest update, trends and need. Forexengineer Store is the best and fastest way to access those inventory.
  • Warranty up to policies When we quote its warranty for 1 year and it come with unlimited replacement - we means it. Dont be fooled by prank's retailers / online seller selling cheap price but no warranty or "hit and run" business. Even some apple resellers dont sell with warranty. 







Incipio's NGP® Case features soft shell technology that provides a barrier between your device and everyday use. This durable case is precision engineered with a translucent, shock absorbing Flex2O™ polymer material that is stretch and tear resistant. The NGP® Case features a smooth exterior that allows for a no-slip-grip. Combined with a thin design, this case feels like a part of the phone




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