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UAG Monarch for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 - Rugged Military Drop Tested Phone Case - Crimson Color

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  • Grab from authorised retailer: Forexengineer Store is authorise retailer to bring and distribute UAG products to end users in Malaysia. Hence, you are in good hand for UAG Brands.
  • Latest update: With fast changing in devices release in ONE year, too much sku have to bring in for UAG to make sure UAG fans in Malaysia can keep up with the latest update, trends and need. Forexengineer Store is the best and fastest way to access those inventory.
  • Warranty up to policies When we quote its warranty for 10 year - we means it. Dont be fooled by prank's retailers / online seller selling cheap price but no warranty or "hit and run" business.

 Urban Armor Gear products reflect the independent spirit of our designers and represent a dedication to superior quality and craftsmanship. Our feather-light cases feature a hard outer shell and a soft impact resistant core. Soft-raised rubber screen-lip and rear skid pads provide 360-degree protection for your Note 9. Although visually striking, the unique shape of the case also provides strength while minimizing size and weight. Our design allows full access to your device's controls and ports, while openings are designed for glare-free flash snapshots and uncompromised audio. All of our cases meets Military Drop-Test Standards [MIL STD 810G 516.6].


Protect your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with a lightweight and impact protection case


360-Degree Protection from drop, shock, and impact:

UAG lightweight cases features an orthotropic honeycomb inner cavity design. The web of hollow cells provides excellent rigidity and compression strength while simultaneously minimizing size and weight. Our cases feature soft-raised rubber screen-lip and rear skid pads, providing 360-degree protection from impact.


Easily slips in-and-out of pockets:

UAG Note 9 case provides wireless compatibility, allowing users to effortlessly access their wireless connections. Our cases meets MIL-SPEC standards (MIL-SPEC 810G-516.6) however it features a dramatically thin profile that adds minimal bulk to your Note 9. The friction-free, lint-resistant, low profile package easily slips in-and-out of pockets.

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