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Bubble Wrap Packing Big Bubble 25M x 1M ( 25mm bubble size diameter ) ( Barcode : 575757 )

Bubble Wrap Packing Big Bubble 25M x 1M ( 25mm bubble size diameter ) ( Barcode : 575757 )
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This bubble wrap has 25mm bubbles diameter which offer very light and tough protection especially to fragile and breakable items like glass, liquid item, etc..


You can save your time and money by using this type of bubble wrap because no need to wrap many time. This big bubble give good protection for every single layer. So just wrap 1 or 2 layer, and its sufficient enough to protect your item. So, 25 meters big bubble type can pack more quantities compared to 25 meters small bubble.


Our bubble wrap is excellent value. Our customers use it for protecting Items that they are sending to their customers, or simply wrapping up fragile items when moving house.

Every roll is 25 meter in length.


Tech Specs:

Bubble Diameter: 25mm (big bubble)

Length : 25 meters

Height : 1 meter


Due to the fact that Bubble wrap is very light, but large in size, our courier has put restrictions as to how many we can send in each consignment. chat us if u need more than 1 pcs.


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